My special one hour "V3GLIO" mash up set will headline this year's A Different World Festival, in Reading. Tickets available using the link in the video.



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I'm a radio personality with a history of entertaining audiences across the UK. I started out in Oxford in the mid 90s, before heading to London and hosting national radio shows on digital station Stormlive, and national talk station talkSPORT.

More recently, I've been polluting the DAB airwaves on quasi national station The BEAT - with around 2 million adapted car radios tuning in from 6am to hear ridiculousness every weekday. You can hear the best bits of that show by searching for "Neal Veglio" on your favourite podcast app.


Voice talent

I'm an approved Voicebunny artist, with my voice having used on the below Madbid radio and television campaign, Cadbury's recent radio campaign, and a number of UK podcasts. Let me know if you need any voice work handled. I'll be happy to provide you with a custom no obligation quote!

Simply fill in the booking form and select 'other' from the drop-down options.

If you are interested in knowing more about my podcast services, I offer two different levels of help with those. 

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