In addition to being a radio personality, I'm also a highly experienced producer and DJ. I'm available for bookings throughout the year. Contact me through the site, here


Latest Mix

The below DJ mix is the first of a monthly series that will be released on this page.


This short mini-mix demonstrates the latest additions to a Veglio Entertainments DJ set booking.

When booking a DJ, you need to ensure your supplier keeps an up-to-date music database.  As Neal Veglio, I can boast the ability to draw on extensive experience of working in radio stations, where I had responsibility for maintaining a current playlist. This way I can ensure that every one of my clients who are booking a DJ to host their party, gets the feel of a standard met by radio DJ parties. Unlike a radio personality turning up for your party where the emphasis is on their station brand being maintained, at YOUR party, YOU are the star. Your party's success IS the brand.

Playlist Examples

These are some of the songs in the 'current' playlist of the Veglio Entertainments DJ music database. Although the database contains all genres, these are some of the ones most people want to hear at a set. 

While they're not guaranteed to be played at any specific individual event, they are available for request at yours, if you want to hear them.

The database is constantly being updated, and these lists are subject to change.


This was my first of many productions, others of which will be added to this page over time.

The reedit of Public Enemy's modern classic "Harder Than You Think" utilises the original intro from Shirley Bassey's song "Jezahel". The reason for the song reedit was to make it easier for me to blend in on-the-fly during one of my many busy DJ sets in Oxfordshire and Berkshire. They have also been downloaded and added to the playlists of other club and party DJs around the world. 


This is my tribute remix of Robert Miles' classic 90s trance song, "Children."

I use a range of DAW tools including Ableton, Fruity Loops and Adobe Audition. 

For any aspiring DJs and producers that would like to learn more about the production side of performances, I offer one-to-one tuition according to my availability.

Contact me via the site to arrange.

This page also features my showcase mix for a DJ residency at an Oxford bar, and below that, a short example of an open-format DJ mix, usually suitable for a private party.

You can hear audio examples of my mixes, below. 

Remember, if the DJ you're considering hiring for your event doesn't have any examples of mixes on their website, or in public, it is advised you refrain from booking them.

It could be an indication of their lack of commitment, and may suggest they're unsuitable for use in a professional booking.