I've learned more about the Isle of Man in the past two hours, than I knew in my whole life, before today.

For instance, they're not part of the UK, but they are, even though they have their own government, which still has to work within the UK government. Also, they really love using UK currency, but like to add their own into the mix as well. Oh, and the UK can keep its own posties and Royal Mail vans, thanks very much. They have their own.

Today is one of those rare days. My home *studio gets dusted down and switched on for a day of broadcasting in my underpants. Well, two hours. It's one of those weird days that only happens in the radio business, where a colleague asks you a favour, like, "can you go on an unfamiliar radio station for two hours, that's not even in the UK, and pretend to be a presenter, reading their news and traffic reports?", and you'd usually say, "No thanks, you're alright". 

Except, this is the new me. The me who says, "Why not?"

To everything.

Well, why not?

So, an afternoon of broadcasting on Energy Fm in the Isle of Man it is, then.