"Add Cheese To Taste…."

As a DJ, part of the skill is knowing how much cheese to add, and when!

Very often, I will stumble across a DJ who's offering services, and seemingly boasting about the fact that they don't play 'cheese'. It's almost like they believe that's a selling point.

I always celebrate when I see that 'boast', because I know it means they're one less person who can challenge me for clients in a very competitive market.

The chances are, if you're booking a DJ from anything other than a recommendation, or reputation, then they probably think they're too cool for your gig, but they need the money to pay for all the ridiculously extravagant equipment they've bought. Why would you want to hire a DJ with that attitude?

Here's what I played at a birthday event at a club a while back.


You'll note the direction I took just 38 minutes into the set. Los Del Rio! Whigfield!

Cue the purist DJ 'experts' who don't play cheese: - "Oh my god. I bet you lost the dance floor at that point, right?"


When a DJ plays cheese in places where the flavour doesn't overwhelm the tastebuds, it can absolutely set a dance-floor on fire. And for the record, Macarena was enjoyed by a gang of cool late teenagers and early twenty-somethings, not a group of mums reliving their 18-30's heydays, around their handbags.

Not that I would have minded if they were. It's all about the fun.

What was your most memorable party moment? I'll bet it wasn't shaking your tail-feather to a credible dance tune. It's more likely to have been to something that the DJ you were thinking of booking has noted on their 'banned songs' list. Wish them luck, walk away, and book with a provider who doesn't think they're too good for your favourite feel good songs.