The 90s trance classic gets some fresh love from your favourite Oxfordshire and Berkshire DJ 

Just when we thought the music legend reaping had passed, and Death had left the earth to settle for a while, and our pop icons to survive a little longer on this mortal coil, Grimmy strikes again. And he didn't just choose any old music legend this time. No. He wanted to make impact once more. This time, taking the father of Dream Trance, Robert Miles. 

This one was important to me, for a number of reasons. "Children" was THE first commercial dance record I was played on the radio, while salaried. Before that, the closest I'd come was sitting in the studio and pushing the button to play Everything But The Girl's "Missing" for another DJ who was doing a live remote broadcast at the time. That doesn't really count. I was an intern. Barely out of college.

I remember the feeling I got as those haunting bass filled piano notes played out on the whispery AM radio signal. It shouldn't have worked. But it did. That song was a work of genius. And I am even more fond of it since I learned that the man who created it, did so for charitable reasons, as part of a dangerous driving awareness campaign for the drugged up revellers who were going out to the clubs his song was playing at. He was trying to calm their euphoria, and get their faces off the ceiling, before they attempted to drive home.

This song was special to me, which is why this is less a remix, and more a respectful musical nod. 

It's the sound I'm inspired to create when listening back to the original. It uses real piano and guitars to recreate the magic, because like Miles himself, why do it if you're not going to do it differently?